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Women of Wrestling at LACC

Matt and Steve went down to the La Comic con and ran into the Women of Wrestling. Matt got a chance to interview Faith the Lioness and The Beast.

Faith the Lioness' Bio from Wows website:

Born to be a Superhero, the aptly named Faith grew up in bright and sunny Southern California, where her hard work and fierce heart gained her the nickname: The Lioness.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and roses for Faith and her family. Faith is her parent’s miracle child, born healthy and whole after a decade of struggle and a difficult health scare. Defying the odds of the original prognosis from doctors, Faith blasted through life in living color, blazing a trail of glory in both the world of music and martial arts -- two very unlikely hobbies for a beach blonde bombshell.

Faith never strives for anything less than greatness in her life, whether it’s earning her black belt in Tae Kwon Do, going on a music tour or stepping into the ring to become the newest WOW Superhero!

It was Faith’s mother who saw her potential and encouraged her to set her sights on the biggest goal of them all: becoming the WOW - Women of Wrestling champion! Will this fearless young starlet with her big heart achieve her next dream?

The Beast's Bio:

From the darkest shadows of your nightmares, The Beast rises. No one knows who she is or where she comes from. The only thing anyone knows about The Beast is that she is here to win the WOW championship -- and she won’t take no for an answer! No other woman on the roster has the size and strength of this phenomenon, who tends to make short work of her “prey”. Trained in Krav Maga and other brutal fighting forms, The Beast claims she is here to conquer the WOW roster, and that whatever any of the other Superheroes give to her, she’ll give back twice as hard. Can anyone stand in her way? Beware: The Beast is here.

They were so badass and really put on a great show!

As the fight bell rang the the match began, Matt and Steve had ringside seats to bring you the oddest wrestling commentary ever recorded.

Matt Corrigan and Steve Prince ringside at the LA Comic Con, Women of Wrestling exhibition.

From the Wow website:

Women’s role in sports and athletics has continued to grow exponentially over the last four decades. WOW Owner, Jeanie Buss is heavily influenced by Billie Jean King in how she mounted the changes she did in professional tennis which benefited not only the participants but also the fan base of tennis. That influence in combination with her love of comic book heroines, "Supergirl" and "Wonder Woman" inspired Jeanie Buss to get involved in women’s wrestling.

“The women of WOW are some of the strongest people I’ve ever met in my life, and you can feel that strength as you watch them do things ordinary human beings cannot do. They’re incredibly extraordinary. They are Superheroes,” Jeanie noted.

She is proud to be changing the status quo of women’s wrestling and leading the way with her partner David McLane who has had a positive impact on women’s wrestling since his creating GLOW. Joining Jeanie and David on their quest to present the best in sports entertainment is MGM Studios headed by Mark Burnett and AXS-TV headed by Mark Cuban.

Listen to Matt interview Faith the Lioness and The Beast.

Here are some pics of Matt with the WOW Superheroes.

“I couldn’t be more excited to have Mark Burnett, MGM Studios, Mark Cuban, and AXS-TV on our WOW team. Together along with our legion of WOW fans we are ready to explode WOW on the worldwide stage,” Jeanie proclaimed.

Fore more WOW check out .


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