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That Time Ghostface Called Into The Launchpad Podcast

Right after San Diego Comic Con and our Famous Monsters of Film Land Panel we decided to turn our sights on the Scream franchise. I had worked on the first two seasons of the television show. (Sorry no tea for season 3) and was a big fan of the first film. Matt said now was the perfect time for the Scream episode because he met someone at SDCC that he thought would be a good guest. I was immediately like, "What the fuck!" Some rando?! Matt said he had a cool T-Shirt On.

Ok that is a pretty cool t-shirt, but I have a decent list of people that I would rather have on the show before a rando with a cool shirt. I trust Matt however and if he thought it would be funny than it might be worth checking it out. He was obviously stupid pumped about it. Like I knew he was up to something but I didn't know what. You could hear the shit eating grin through the phone every time we talked and the mystery guest with a cool shirt came up.

The Walking Dead would be on hiatus for a few days and I would be back in Los Angeles for a bit. We were going to be able to do the podcast in person for the first time in a while. (We have been doing this through skype as of late) Mystery man would call in. The night before recording I was telling my wife Kate how apprehensive I was. It was our first time podcasting together in months and this rando from Comicon was calling in. We had been on a string of interviews lately too, and though they were awesome and going really well , I was just telling Matt how I was hoping to get back to basics and just riff a bout movies for an episode. Kate said to give him the benefit of the doubt. The next morning Matt came to the door dressed as Ghostface and got me pretty good. Rufio (dog) freaked the fuck out. We got into the episode pretty quick and about 30 minutes in the phone rang. Rando had come calling. I answered the phone and a normal sounding voice responded. Matt started filming.

Holy shit. I mean holy shit. Ghostface just called into our show! Roger L. Jackson is such a cool guy to chat with. I still can't believe it. Honestly after talking to him it was hard to keep talking about Scream movies. How was the episode going to get better than that? Well here is part 1 of our 2 part series. It is one for the books. Thanks again to Matt for making this happen and a huge thanks to Roger L Jackson for being such an awesome guest. We really appreciate it. Can't wait to have you on the show again. Next week we finish up our conversation with Roger and cover the rest of the franchise.


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