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The Ungovernable Force Review

The Ungovernable Force, it’s shock, schlock, and punk rock! An anti-fascist punk powerhouse of bad behavior, advocating for the homeless, and fighting cops. The movie follows Sal Purgatory, a recently dumped punk rock misfit, as he tries to claw his way out of heartbreak. This takes Sal from getting fucked up at punk shows, crashing parties, and freaking out jocks, to leading a homeless uprising against the fascist local cops who use the people of the streets to satisfy their sadistic pleasures. Filled with plenty of gooey gore, some tiny monsters, plenty of casual nudity, and some cameos from Troma staples, Ungovernable Force is a B-Movie blast. Not for the easily offended, but if you like punk music and are looking for a campy, grindhouse good time, Sal Purgatory and the Ungovernable Force Delivers. Be sure to check out The Launchpad Podcast audio review below, The Rocketeers give their thoughts fresh squeezed from their brains after watching this flick.

7" Vinyl

They are releasing 4 songs from the soundtrack on 7' vinyl you can pick that up here:

Where can I see it?

If you are interested you can buy it and stream it in various formats here:



To check out more from Ungovernable Films be sure to go to:


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